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A Common Sense Leader

A Lifelong Rural Oklahoman

Hasenbeck, a fourth generation agriculturist, was raised on her family farm in rural Oklahoma. Toni and her husband, Hank, are passing that way of life on to their three children here in Southwest Oklahoma. Because of these deep roots, Toni knows and will fight for the policies that will benefit rural Oklahomans and keep agriculture prosperous in Oklahoma.

Values the Importance of Education

After receiving a Bachelor's and two Master's degrees in education, Toni has lived a life dedicated to improving Oklahoma schools. She has spent 15 years as an educator, and has also served the non-profit organization, Great Expectations, since 2001. She has seen first hand the problems with the education system and understands changes must be made. A strong education system will only lead to strong economic growth and Toni believes our children deserve the best.

Understands Small Business

Toni and her husband took a leap of faith when they opened their small business, Happy Hollow Animal Hospital. She personally understands the struggles small business owners encounter daily. This is why Toni believes the Capitol needs voices like hers who will work for bipartisan solutions to help small business owners. Strong small businesses keep our towns strong and the State Legislature should promote laws that help our small businesses prosper.